Ambassador Merete Juhl Image Credit: Supplied

Which stereotypes about Danish are true/not true?

One of the true stereotypes is that Danes are generally punctual. A pointed time is often taken literally, and this includes social arrangements as well.

As for the idea that Danes are reserved — this is not true, but Danes generally need more personal space and it takes some time to get to know them.

What makes you proud to be Danish?

I am proud of the Danish welfare society that relies on the value of solidarity — and the Danish Model.

Denmark was once again chosen as the happiest country in the world. Denmark is also the best country to do business, according to Forbes.

What is unique about Denmark?

Denmark is a minor country but has lots to offer. The nature is unique, with a flat landscape and long coastline. Windmills are a common sight and green energy is prioritised.

What is the Danish cultural identity?

To mention two aspects, the Danish cultural identity cherishes personal freedom and “hygge”. The latter has no direct translation but is a state of cosiness and feeling good.

What is your hometown like?

My hometown, Aarhus, is Denmark’s second-largest city. Aarhus is surrounded by forest, water and shore — everything is close by. In the heart of the city you will find the old part, “Latinerkvarteret”, with cafés, restaurants and small shops and a creek, which adds to a vibrant atmosphere.

Aarhus is a city of culture with music venues, art galleries and the famous art museum ARoS.

What’s your favourite Danish food, and why?

“Smørrebrød”, which is slices of rye bread and butter topped with meat, cheese or whatever you prefer. It is a traditional Danish food that can be seen in all variations and new interpretations.

What sights or experiences in your country are not to be missed?

An experience not to miss is biking around in cities like the capital, Copenhagen. This is an easy and active way to get around to all the sights such as Christiansborg Palace, Nyhavn, Amalienborg, the Little Mermaid and others.