200314 visa
Visitors who are already in the UAE are allowed to extend their visa and also apply for a new visa without leaving the country. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News archive

Dubai: Visitors within the UAE can extend their stay in the country by applying for a new visit or tourist visa through any travel and tourism agency, an official source told Gulf News on Thursday.

Due to the spread of COVID-19, tourists and visitors inside the country can extend their stay by applying for a new visa during their stay here.

Tourists and visitors can either leave the country when their visa expires or change the status by getting a new visa through tourist companies, the source said.

According to a leading tourism company in Dubai, visitors who are already in the UAE can extend their tourist or visit visas per the UAE laws. Also, they can obtain a new visa without leaving the country. He said that those who need to extend their visas or obtain a new visa can contact a touur and tourism company to do so. 

Visitors can get sponsors like family members to apply for the new visa if he or she is still inside the country, the source added. They can also approach the tourism companies to get visas. 

However, people who stay in the country without changing their status on the expiry of their visas will be subject of fines.

Overstay fine calculator for tourists or visitor:

Dh200 for first day

Dh100 for each subsequent day, plus a one-time Dh100 processing fee.