Get lost in the well-maintained and well-catered Al Majaz area Image Credit: Supplied

Situated around an area of 231,000 square metres, encircled on both sides by commercial and residential buildings, Al Majaz waterfront is promoted as the prefect family friendly affair.


Al Majaz is an area in Sharjah which has in the recent past become hugely popular among the citizens and residents. What many don’t know is that Al Majaz is divided into Al Majaz 1, Al Majaz 2 and Al Majaz 3, and they are situated around the Khalid lagoon. Although the high spot is Al Majaz 2 with its waterfront and a multitude of restaurants catering to different taste buds, Al Majaz 1 and Al Majaz 3 have their own attractive hubs.

Al Majaz 1 houses two major landmarks: Al Nakheel oasis and the Al Noor mosque. The Al Nakheel Oasis is lined with date palms which carry fresh ripe dates and is home to a variety of birds. Al Noor Mosque is a famous photography landmark in Sharjah due to its beautifully lit exterior in the evenings; it is also open to the public. The famed dhow restaurant of Sharjah is located a little before Al Nakheel Oasis. A number of hotels like Holiday International, Marbella Resort and Embassy Suites are also positioned in this area. For those who love to have quick bites, while taking a stroll along the lagoon trail, there are the popular fast food joints such as McDonald’s, KFC, Caesars and Pizza Hut.

Al Majaz 3 got the bitter end of the deal with its commercial buildings, such as the Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority, numerous banks and some telephone companies. But it does make up for that with the addition of Al Safeah Park and the Arab Culture Centre and Club. The more popular eateries at this place include Sindh Shahbaz, Starbucks and Dominos.

Al Majaz 2 is the area with the sought-after waterfront, splash parks, mini golf areas, daycare centres and family trains to name a few. This is situated around the Al Taqwa mosque, where families get together to relax and enjoy in the evenings. It’s a beautifully decorated, well maintained area, which is refreshing for Sharjah residents. The major restaurants in this area are the Pizzaro, TGI Fridays, El Manza, Shakespeare and Co, Tim Hortons, Zahr El-Laymoun and Fatburger. It is famous for its water fountain in the Khalid lagoon which is one of the biggest in the gulf.

Where is it located? Al Majaz is located around the Khalid lagoon; and for the directionally challenged, one side of Al Majaz is situated next to Sharjah City Centre shopping mall, and the area is generally known as Buheirah Corniche, and Corniche Street 110 runs around the area.

Rent The average current asking price for a one bedroom apartment starts from Dh35,000, and a two-bedroom from Dh50,000. A three-bed apartment can cost anywhere from Dh95,000 to Dh120,000 depending on its proximity to the lagoon (as of June 2015).

Transport Taxis are the way to go. Generally the practice is to hail one down in the street, but for speed one should walk to any of the nearest hotels and get a taxi booked.

No other mode of public transport is accessible from here.

Traffic and Parking College-goers and families create congestion in the evenings, when everyone is looking to go out and enjoy the area.  Otherwise there are plenty of parking spots available, in and around the area with problems arising only during weekends.

Good for

Family day out  Families with children who are looking to benefit from some open air and have a good time dining.

Fitness Joggers can enjoy a nice run around the waterfront since it’s equipped with its own jogging track and cycling enthusiasts can rent cycles for an hourly price.

Abra rides Rent an abra with family and friends to enjoy the scenic night time view of Sharjah’s skyline lit up along the Corniche area.

Parks A relief from the burning hot days; Al Safeah Park is surrounded by trees, with separate courts for basketball, cricket and football. It is also a good place for barbeque evenings.

Bad for

Daytimes in summer There are fewer shaded areas than would hope for; it becomes unbearably hot for a stroll during the day in summers.

Construction Construction is constant. A project connecting the main land and Al Noor island is underway right now, hence dust and noise are to be expected.


5 to try in Al Majaz

Sharjah Fountain The fountain spans more than 220 metres wide and combines lasers, light, video, audio and movement to create a truly mesmerising experience. They have hourly musical shows starting in the evening everyday except Sundays.

Phone 06 552 1552 Website

Shakespeare and Co For a nice Parisian décor, head over to this nice little café by the waterfront. Inspired by 18th century elegance, you will find antique frames, intricate chandeliers and vintage centrepieces that makes for good conversation served with fresh chocolates and patisserie.

Phone 06 574 7574 Website

Sharjah dhow restaurant  Located next to the Marbella resort, the dhow restaurant is a permanently docked boat. They serve tasty, well-presented Middle Eastern cuisine, matched with traditional Arabic setting.

Phone 06 573 0222 Website

The Hierarchy of Being Wafaa Bilal's unique 'The Hierarchy of Being' is a sculpture designed to offer visitors a very unique perspective and experience, exploring visual culture through the lens of pioneering Islamic sciences.

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Midfa Al Iftar The enduring practice of firing a canon to announce the breaking of fast during Ramadan is something that is worth watching. Its sound can be heard 10kms away, and reminds one of a simpler time when there was no electricity and this was the only way people knew it was time to break their fast.

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