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Now that all the families are in 'back to school' mode, there is more scope for those of us with tight budgets and flexible travel schedules. September, October, November and December is when things pick up in here in the UAE, which might also be a great time to travel out and explore some off-season beauty on a reasonable budget.

Here are 5 destinations we love for the last four months of the year;

1. London, Britain

The period through September and October is called 'shoulder season' in London, after the peak, and November through March is pretty much off-season. This might just be the best time to enjoy a true British Christmas and while it is cold, it is definitely a different experience from home.

Flight rates As low as Dh1350 for one-stop flights

2. Singapore City, Singapore

Travel rates including flights and stay From Dh2,199 for 3 nights

3. Jaipur, India

Jaipur or ‘the Pink City’ is capital to the state of Rajasthan in India. When you’re there make sure you visit the Amber Fort in the best way possible; on elephant-back. Jaipur is full of prominent structures and forts that focus a lot on India's colourful culture as well as history.

Flight rates As low as Dh730 for non-stop flights

4. Bali, Indonesia

The beautiful and peaceful destination is known to be popular for travellers who love to take some time off and enjoy just being in a country. It is not flashy or touristy, but is great for an escape from city life.

Travel rates including flights and stay From Dh2,299 for 5 nights 

5. Zanzibar

While Kenya and mainland Tanzania get busy in these months, Zanzibar seems to be getting cheaper and the offerings there are unique to what people normally consider doing while in Africa.

Travel rates including flights and stay From Dh1,699 for 3 nights