Rescue workers at the scene of the accident in Kochi where Indian Airlines Dornier plane crashed just after take-off. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

At least nine people were killed when an Indian Airlines Dornier plane crashed just after take-off in the southern city of Kochi, Kerala. Six of the victims were on board the Dornier while two naval personnel and a worker on the ground were killed when the passenger plane crashed. The 18-seater rammed into a hangar after taking off for Trivandrum. The officials said there were three passengers, including a pregnant woman, and three crew on board. Four were burned to death while two others succumbed to burns in hospital. Two naval personnel and one airline worker inside the hangar were also killed when the plane nosedived into the complex. The plane, run by Alliance Air, a subsidiary of the state-run Indian Airlines, was a “total wreck.” The flight originated from the Lakshwadeep islands, off India’s southern coast.

Other major events on July 30

1894 Corn flakes are invented by Kellogg brothers Will Keith and John Harvey.

1907 Elections are held in the Philippines for its first assembly.

1918 French captain Sarret makes the first-ever parachute jump from a plane,from a height of 800 feet.

1928 George Eastman shows first colour motion pictures.

1930 Host Uruguay wins first football World Cup, beating Argentina 4-2.

1945 The USS Indianapolis is torpedoed by a Japanese submarine, killing 880 people.

1971 Japanese Boeing 727 collides with an F-86 fighter killing 162.

1975 US trade union leader Jimmy Hoffa disappears in Detroit. Never seen again.

1976 Giulio Andreotti is sworn in as prime minister of Italy.

1990 An IRA car bomb kills British Conservative MP Ian Gow.

1993 Guards at a Peru museum walk out with golden relics of the Incas.

2000 Venezuela’s president Hugo Chavez is re-elected with 59 per cent of the vote.

2006 Millions of voters go to the polls in Congo after years of misrule and war.

2012 A fire sweeps through a train packed with sleeping passengers in Hyderabad, India, killing at least 32 people.

2013 Pakistan elects businessman Mamnoon Hussain as its 12th president.

2016 A hot air balloon crashes in central Texas and killing at least 16 people.