Benazir Bhutto addressing the press conference. - Gulf News Archives Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

1993 Benazir Bhutto was inducted as prime minister in a glittering ceremony attended by Pakistan’s top elite, including those who were instrumental in her dismissal three years ago. Benazir scored a stunning 49-vote victory over her rival Nawaz Sharif of the Pakistan Muslim League, who could muster only 72 votes against Benazir’s 121. As the votes were announced, Benazir went over to Nawaz to offer her sympathy and in turn received greetings from the man who had lost to her despite all his strength. Benazir said the nation wanted a change of system and “this change would now come. Our destiny will change and a glorious future awaits us”.

Other important events

1933 Germany withdraws from the League of Nations.

1951 US President Harry Truman formally ends the state of war with Germany.

1983 Grenada’s Prime Minister Maurice Bishop is shot and killed in an army takeover.

1986 Mozambique’s President Samora Machel dies in plane crash in eastern South Africa.

1988 At least 164 people are killed in twin plane crashes in India.

1993 Israel frees its longest-held Palestinian prisoner Salim Al Zrei after 23 years.

1995 A powerful bomb explodes at Sri Lanka’s main oil storage tank in a Colombo suburb.

2001 Kjell Magne Bondevik becomes Prime Minister of Norway.

2010 Insurgents, including a suicide bomber, storm Chechnya’s Parliament, leaving six people dead.

2013 A suicide bomber kills at least 15 people outside a restaurant in Baladweyne, central Somalia.

2017 Jacinda Ardern, at 37, is set to become youngest prime minister ever in New Zealand.