Saudi Interior Minister Prince Naif Bin Abdul Aziz and Dr Esmat Abdel Meguid, former secretary-general of the Arab League, at the human rights conference in Riyadh. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Saudi Interior Minister Prince Naif Bin Abdul Aziz inaugurated the first ever human rights meet in Riyadh, highlighting Saudi Arabia’s commitment to Sharia and the humanitarian principles. Speaking at the session of the conference at the elegant King Fahd Cultural Centre in Riyadh, the minister rejected accusations from abroad that the kingdom had violated human rights.

Such groups, he said, should look to their own human rights record before pointing an accusatory finger at others. He also said the occupation of the Palestinian territory, under the eyes of the world and in the face of all UN resolutions, was one of the most glaring examples of human rights violations in the current times.

Other important events:

1933 Nazi Germany withdraws from the League of Nation.

1964 Leonid Brezhnev becomes Leader of the Soviet Union, replacing Nikita Khrushchev.

1983 Prime Minister of Grenada, Maurice Bishop is overthrown in a military coup.

1993 Gunmen assassinate Justice Minister Guy Malary in Haiti.

1998 Amartya Sen, expert on welfare economics, wins the Nobel economic prize.

2006 Sudan signs peace deal with eastern rebels in Eritrean capital Asmara.

2008 Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport is officially opened.

2012 Austrian Felix Baumgartner makes history when he free-falls at supersonic speed 39 kilometres from the ground.

2013 Former UAE and Al Ain football coach Bruno Metsu dies of cancer.

2016 Egyptian writer and poet Farouq Shousha dies at the age 80.

2017 A powerful bomb blast in Mogadishu, Somalia, kills more than 231 people.