UAE palyers celebrates the victory of the 18th Gulf Cup final at Zayed Sports city in Abu Dhabi UAE. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

The UAE pulled off one of the biggest achievements in its football history to beat Oman 1-0 and win the Gulf Cup for the first time. The final at Zayed Sports City was graced by President His Highness Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who presented the Gulf Cup to UAE captain Mohammad Omar. Esmail Mattar scored in the 73rd minute off a pass to clinch the UAE’s first regional championship title. Mattar’s goal was his fifth in the UAE’s five games at the eight-team tournament, winning him the highest scorer and best player awards. The UAE started well and had the better of the first half, while Oman failed to pressure the hosts. The UAE’s win follows a 35-year wait since their first participation in the second edition of the tournament in 1972 in Saudi Arabia.

Other important events:

1820 British explorer Edward Bransfield becomes the first man to sigh the Antarctic mainland.

1867 Japanese Emperor Komei dies and is succeeded by his son Meiji.

1875 After the fall of Napoleon III, France adopts the Third Republic.

1889 Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria commits suicide.

1902 Britain and Japan sign treaty providing for independence of China and Korea.

1928 First radio telephone connection between the Netherlands and US.

1933 Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany.

1943 Soviets destroy German army south-west of Stalingrad in the Second World War.

1948 Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi is assassinated in New Delhi.

1962 UN General Assembly adopts Asian-African resolution calling on Portugal to halt repressive measures against Angola.

1964 South Vietnamese General Nguyen Khanh seizes power in coup.

1970 Two students are killed and more than 200 wounded as demonstrators storm presidential palace in Philippine capital of Manila.

1972 Thirteen Catholic civil-rights marchers are shot to death by British soldiers in Northern Ireland.

1979 Rhodesia agrees new constitution to eventually give blacks control of the nation.

1984 Egypt reactivates its membership in Organisation of the Islamic Conference.

1985 US ambassador to the United Nations Jeane Kirkpatrick resigns her post and said she would return to private life.

1989 US closes embassy in Afghanistan.

1990 Communist Party loses majority in Czech parliament, which it dominated for four decades.

1992 Britain and Russia sign a declaration to the peaceful settlement of disputes, control of weapons of mass destruction and nuclear non-proliferation.

1995 Israel withdraws from most of the Jordanian land it occupied for 27 years.

2000 Kenya Airways flight 431 crashes near Ivory Coast, killing 170 people.

2005 A general election is held in Iraq to elect a National Assembly, the first general election since the 2003 invasion and the first free election for 50 years.

2006 Coretta Scott King, the widow of civil rights leader the Rev Martin Luther King Jr, dies.

2013 South Korea successfully launches a satellite into space after third attempt.

2014 Dr Abdullah Omran Taryam, former UAE Minister and chairman of Dar Al Khaleej newspaper group, dies at the of 66.

2016 German Angelique Kerber wins the Australian Open women’s singles champion.