A heavy stream of traffic flows over the bridge out of Nags Head, North Carolina, during a mandatory evacuation before Hurricane Bonnie strike. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

1998 - The eye of Hurricane Bonnie hammered the US Atlantic coast near Cape Fear, North Carolina, with howling winds, stinging rains and a potentially devastating surge of water. The leading edge of the eye swept ashore with winds in excess of 160kph at Southport, near Cape Fear, and just a few km from Wilmington. Bonnie, a massive storm more than 720km across, pounded the North and South Carolina coastline with hurricane force winds, torrential rains and a heavy surf for hours before the eye hit the coast. Spectre of damage was expected to linger over coastal regions for two complete tide cycles.

Other important events

1847 - Liberia is proclaimed an independent republic.

1883 - The volcano Krakatoa erupts on the island Krakatau, near Indonesia, creating tsunami waves and killing more than 36,000 people.

1896 - Insurrection begins in the Philippines against the Spanish.

1936 - Treaty ends British occupation of Egypt, except Suez Canal zone.

1950 - UN troops recapture Seoul from the North Koreans.

1952 - Soviet Union announces that it had successfully tested an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile.

1959 - Chinese troops cross into India’s northeastern territory after a border dispute.

1996 - A South Korean court sentences former president Chun Doo-hwan to death on charges of masterminding a 1979 coup.

1997 - South Africa’s F.W. de Klerk quits as leader of the opposition National Party.

2003 - Paul Kagame wins Rwanda presidential elections.

2014 - A permanent ceasefire between Israel and fighters in Gaza reaches, ending a seven-week Israeli assault.