Niranj Sangal, Group CEO of OMA Emirates Group LLC

As the CEO of OMA Emirates, you have led the company to become the top payment solutions provider in the region. Take us through the company’s incredible growth story.

OMA Emirates was founded in 1991 in the UAE. Over the last 32 years, our company has grown significantly with operations in 14 countries including Qatar, Tanzania, Morocco, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Serbia and Nepal. We have also expanded our product portfolio and services and have software development centres of excellence in the Middle East and India.

Being the number one service provider for the payment industry in the MENA region, OMA Emirates has been providing world-class personalised solutions to Banking, Financial, Insurance, Retail, Government, Telecom and other sectors by bringing together technical and business expertise necessary to transform conventional payment solutions into digital payments. OMA offers new electronic payment methods focused on convenience, speed, reliability and seamless consumer experience.

As a seamless payment provider, OMA has, through our innovative and comprehensive solutions, become a trusted partner to over 376 customers across the world. I am proud to say that OMA Emirates now has over 70 per cent of market share in digitisation of payments acceptance.

OMA Emirates has a strong portfolio of payment solutions. What makes you an industry leader?

OMA Emirates has been committed to extending our world class solutions through innovative research. Our solutions are developed considering how they can be scaled on a requirement basis by any client, thus understanding its growth over the coming year at the most affordable cost associated with it.

Our payment solutions are typically designed with the latest technologies in mind, providing options on either insourcing services that a client wants or outsourcing the services which OMA as a company can provide. We have been innovating using the latest in AI, Robotic Process Automation, biometrics etc. to offer our customers solutions that combine the latest security features and compliance. AI-driven analytics help manage data and minimise fraud, enabling customers to be confident when using their cards over various channels, be it card-present or card-not-present transactions.

Through our biometric solutions, we have transaction authorisation done via various channels, be it POS (Point of Sale), ATM, mobiles, etc., allowing a client to pay even without a card in hand. In the future, the same will be available with facial recognition supporting biometric payment as a service.

Our solutions are proactively designed keeping future requirements of the market in mind, and not only developing them based on a requirement that is provided at the moment. Our solutions also cover the entire ecosystem of the payment world, simplifying the flow of business.

Please share the vision for the OMA Emirates Group. What next?

OMA Emirates will continue to expand its operations in over four new countries in Asia and eight in Africa. We have been committed to investing in and building payment infrastructures within the counties of our expansion. We are aiming to make payment acceptance around 100 per cent in countries, where we are expanding.

We are providing customers with affordable payment acceptance devices or payment digitalisation solutions especially where companies can’t afford to go ahead with projects. OMA provides solutions through cost-effective options like lease or direct sales. We also plan to invest into infrastructure in these countries when it comes to digitisation of payments.

OMA Emirates started with a vision of “let’s talk solutions”. Elevating payments, simplifying lives is our new vision and motto. We are excited about the future.