Dubai: There is a big debate about how intelligent machines will be interacting with the humans in the future or will the machines overtake humans and the jobs.

“People have to get comfortable with it as we lived for 100 years in a world where people told machines what to do. The intelligence was on the people and provided to the machines in the form of instructions,” Bill Ruh, Senior Vice-President and Chief Digital Officer of GE and CEO of GE Digital, told Gulf News in a telephone interview.

“We are now moving to the world where the availability of data, AI and algorithms will give machines much more insights at a faster speed. So, humans have to get comfortable with the idea of that insight coming to them and then acting on it.

“We don’t see humans going way but it does mean that we have to train our people to take advantage of the insights of the big data and AI,” he said.

In the past, he said that people took advantage of their experience and “I think this is going to change the way we work. We do foresee that people are going to be told by machines what is the most efficient way to act differently”.

He added that companies are beginning to rethink that nature of work in their businesses are going to be ones who take the most advantage of it going forward.