Elon Musk Image Credit: Reuters

Dubai: Today is Emirati Women’s Day, so we took the opportunity to discuss some hot topics, including the prevalance of women in technology, the pervasiveness of the bro-code that has led to scandals at some of the largest start-ups, and more broadly the obstacles facing businesswomen in the UAE.

We chat about what the recent controversy surrounding Elon Musk would’ve looked like if Musk was not a man. Would the criticism of him been differently worded?

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We are joined by Natasha D’Souza, an independent journalist who focuses on issues surrounding women in the tech industry, and diversity and inclusion, who provides an insight in to how the UAE compares to fellow financial hubs Singapore and Hong Kong when it comes to diversity and gender parity.

Is transparency an problem? Do we need better data on how many women occupy board seats? Would that help effect change?