Beijing: Lenovo sees a $5 billion (Dh18.4 billion) enterprise business if the deal with IBM goes through.

The Chinese firm made an acquisition for IBM’s low-end server business for $2.3 billion in January and is awaiting approval from the US and Chinese governments.

The company acquired IBM’s PC business in 2005 and turned around the business when IBM was not making money.

The company’s chairman and CEO Yang Yuanging said that server profit margins are higher than in the PC segment.

If the deal is completed, Lenovo will jump to number three in server ranking from number six.

Our next goal is to become “number one in the broader PC era”, which includes desktop, laptop and tablet, in the next two years.

Apple is the number one in the segment and Lenovo trails by four percentage points.

With Sony exiting the PC business and Samsung not focusing much on PCs, Lenovo is confident of strengthening its market share despite tablets cannibalising the PC market.

“The PC business is still a $200 billion industry and combining tablets to that will be much bigger. We will strengthen our market share and widen the gap with number two this year,” he said.