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The Knowledge Hub helps schools and universities in the region ensure smooth and effective implementation of online e-learning by providing the right resources and tools for educators. During the current global scenario, this has been more important than ever.

Established in 2001, the Knowledge Hub was born out of the undying need to provide high-quality education to students to cope with the ever-growing demands for advanced learning and development. Through the altruistic initiative and guidance of Surekha Kembhavi, invigorated by her aspiration to enhance the quality of education through I.T. solutions, the Knowledge Hub came into being as a pioneer in the educational technologies market in Dubai.

The Knowledge Hub focuses on developing e-learning solutions using advanced technology to change the way students learn, train, and grow. Over almost two decades, they have helped countless schools and universities streamline submissions, helped people learn from a distance and, most importantly, leveled the educational playing field for everyone. Currently, Knowledge Hub provides numerous interactive learning solutions, Robotics, STEM and represent well-known brands like LEGO Education, SAM Labs, TechnoKids, Panopto, Markezy and more. They also offer e-learning curriculums to match the exact requirements of schools and universities across the UAE.

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“UAE University has adopted Panopto as its video management platform of choice to make selfpaced asynchronous e-learning and synchronous live streams easily accessible to all our students with just one click by integrating it within our existing LMS environment that they are already comfortable with. UAEU instructors utilize the data analytics provided by Panopto to measure student online engagement.” says Hassan Selim, Head of Mobile Learning, UAEU.

For the past 18 years, Knowledge Hub has been providing cost-effective technology integration into classrooms and abundant high-quality educational resources to educators across the GCC region. They also continue to provide leading lecture capturing and online video content management platform for schools, universities and businesses which is fully independent of hardware and focuses on teaching and not the technology itself.

During these unprecendented times too, Knowledge Hub will continue to shoulder the educational responsibility it has by addressing the educator’s and student’s challenges and needs alike, by providing the right solution and support at the right time.

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