Watch a review of the latest Huawei Watch D 2022, in the UAE

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Watch a review of the latest Huawei Watch D 2022, in the UAE

The Huawei Watch D is quite an interesting entry into the smartwatch segment in the UAE market. It is, in fact, being promoted as a ‘wrist-type ECG and blood pressure monitoring device’ by the company.

The focus is more on these two features of the device compared to the other aspects that are available in a smartwatch designed for exercise and fitness.

The Watch D, like Huawei devices, is tied in with your Huawei ID to help you better monitor and track the data using the Health app. But, you can also use other Android and iOS phones to utilise the watch and track data, equally effectively.

The blood pressure monitor

Anyone who has used a blood pressure device knows that it can be a cumbersome process unless done by a person trained to do so. Wrist blood pressure monitors can be notoriously inaccurate, even the bigger brands. So, I was a bit sceptical about the monitoring on the Watch D because getting imprecise readings can be stressful, although this device in no way is meant to replace the guidance of a medical practitioner. Nevertheless, the mind is the mind.

After a couple of days and from years of tracking blood pressure, I found the Watch D to be extremely accurate, especially as a starting or reference point to track one’s health during the day.

Firstly, it offers a wrist measurement tape and straps in two sizes that helps get you an accurate fitting, while offering clear guidelines on the exact positioning of the watch. The box includes a replacement pair to cover wear and tear.

Additionally, the device uses a mini pump and measuring system that is highly sensitive. If you do not follow the instructions, the watch will tell you that it is unable to make an accurate reading. This is excellent as it help ensure reduce human error.

Huawei explains, “… the high-resolution pressure sensor, feedback pressure control circuit and low-flow airway of Huawei Watch D, the precise pressure measurement system can maintain a pressure measurement error within ±3mmHg[1].”

ECG analysis

The smartwatch is able to record your heart rhythm through a 30-second sensor-based ECG measurement. It tracks irregular or abnormal heart rates and can alert the user to it when activated in the Health app. You can also set reminders for this.

This is especially useful for those seeking to actively track their heart health. However, it is not meant to replace a proper health check, which must be done regularly.

Look and feel

The watch overall has a large display face and looks slightly bulky on the wrist because of the functionalities but it is not heavy. It weighs about 40+ gms and sits snug.

It also functions as a workout device especially for those who love to run and walk – be it indoors or outdoors.

Additional functionality

It has SpO2 or blood oxygen level monitoring, and when linked to the Health app helps you monitor and track effectively. In a post-Covid era or if you are a high-altitude runner, this is really useful to have, especially as it can give you active feedback.

You also get the HUAWEI TruSleep 2.0TM or sleep monitoring feature on the watch, which is an advanced infrared sleep detection technology. It allows the watch to perform sleep stage monitoring, real-time heart rate monitoring and sleep breathing monitoring. Additionally, the watch also supports stress monitoring and skin temperature detection.

Battery life

It offers about 7 days of battery life, continuously, compared to 14 days on its previous smartwatches. So, you end of charging once a week and that takes a bit longer compared to the Huawei supercharging system.


The price point is very reasonable and it is an extremely useful smartwatch to own, as it helps track your overall health daily – a must in today’s fast-paced existence.

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