With any new technology, the big question is “will people lose jobs with 5G network”.

“It might look like we may lose jobs with AI, 5G, cloud and IoT, but like in any new technology there will be people required to programme and maintain the robots,” Turgut Erkul, head of networks evolution and transport solutions at Ericsson, told Gulf News.

He said it will transform from a low-skilled labour to a high-skilled labour.

“New job opportunities will emerge which we cannot think of now. Big tech companies will grow with 5G and this will also create more jobs,” he said.

He said that 4G helped big tech companies such as Facebook, and Google to grow their ad revenues, while Instagram, Snapchat and the robust growth of YouTube would not have taken place if 4G was not there.

So, he said that definitely 5G will improve network performance and productivity and eventually will create more job opportunities in tech companies.