Dubai: The UAE women’s national team clinched top honours in the Mas-Wrestling competition held as part of the Fifth Maktoum Bin Rashid Ramadan Football Championships held at the Dubai Police Officers Club, late on Saturday.

The UAE women’s team defeated the Sky Dive Dubai squad to take the top honours in the inaugural edition of this discipline.

Originating in North-East Russia, Mas-Wrestling is the international name used for the Yakut ethnosport derived from the traditional stick pulling game. Participants in Mas-Wrestling sit in front of each other, prop their feet against the board that divides the competition area, and tug on a wooden stick. Mas-Wrestling requires great muscular strength from the hands, legs, back and abdomen.

“We are making such a huge statement on behalf of our women by winning this competition. Our goal at the moment is to form an association in the UAE, and organising such events can go a long way in helping this process,” Ali Al Haddad, Board Member of the UAE Mas-Wrestling team told Gulf News.