Cameron Swan. Image Credit: Alaric Gomes/Gulf News

Dubai: “I am quite a boring person and I don’t have any excitement in my life really.” Cameron Swan, 19, managed a wry smile trying to hide the disappointment after losing in yet another final of the wheelchair basketball at the NAS Ramadan Sports Tournament.

A player of the Dubai Public Prosecution (DPP) team, this was the second time of being so-close-yet-so-far for the teen from Birmingham. Last year his DPP team went down 63-46 to Dubai Municipality. This year, things were closer as Swan’s team lost 59-53 to the same opponents.

“Perhaps, it’s like unfinished business. We are getting closer and we need to come again next year and get this done,” Swan said after the DPP team were denied for the fourth straight time in the wheelchair basketball final.

Video by: Alaric Gomes/Gulf News

Only 19, Swan took up wheelchair basketball mainly to get his younger wheelchair-bound brother Aaron, now 10, interested in sport. “I used to go and play with him on a wheelchair with my parents,” Cameron said. “While Aaron got a hang of the sport, I turned out to be OK on a wheelchair as well, so I just continued playing.

“At the moment, I travel everywhere around the country on wheelchair basketball tournaments. I participate in the national league and other tournaments from time to time so that I end up playing throughout the year. I started off playing normal basketball, but I’ve stuck on to wheelchair basketball, perhaps because I am so comfortable in this chair.”

In Tuesday’s final at the NAS Sports Complex, Swan was a handful as he led the scoring and defence for his DPP team, but couldn’t stop Dubai Municipality from winning yet another crown. “I am really proud of how we played as a team right through the tournament,” he said.

“Tonight, we did not get the result we wanted in the final and that is really disappointing, but we should be proud of the way we have played. I believe we are getting close and I am looking forward to coming back next year and hopefully return with the gold medal 12 months from now.

“This tournament was great fun and I really enjoyed it. I am really proud of everyone in my team. It was very close in the final and we just couldn’t keep ahead of them. What made the difference eventually was that they wanted the title more than us tonight.”