Action from week five of the Sharjah Labour Sports Tournament. Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: The Sixth Sharjah Labour Sports Tournament, organized by the Labour Standards Development Authority in Sharjah, continued for the fifth week with great success at the Sharjah National Park stadiums.

LSDA Chairman Salem Yousef Al Qaseer praised the strong level of the fifth week of the tournament, where 27 matches were played in football, basketball, volleyball, cricket and hockey, praising the honest sports competition.

The previous edition football champion, Sharjah Police team, and On Plan Real Estate team qualified for the football final. Sharjah Police qualified after defeating Al Asdeqaa team with four clean goals. The On Plan Real Estate team narrowly defeated the Smart Alert team, 2-1, in a strong match.

Basketball competition

The basketball matches witnessed strong and exciting competitions in the struggle for the titles, and resulted in the victory of Fast team over GMG team 47-22, and UAS over Old Gun - 20-0, Fast team also beat Sharjah Co-op team 20-0 and UAS team defeated Friends team 40-30.

Three volleyball matches were played, resulted in Bee’ah Turq team beating Bee’ah Blue team 2-0, Sharjah Airport team defeating Saned team – 2-0, and Sharjah Police team defeating Bee’ah Turq team 2-0

The cricket competitions witnessed strong competition, as 6 matches were played, resulting in Wekaya team defeating Sharjah Police Academy team - 45 runs, Kerala Tigers over Saned - 21 runs, and Sharjah Municipality over HMS Hospital - 8 wickets. Sharjah Co-op team beat Archaeology Authority - 12 runs, Bee’ah 1 over Al Rayyan - 8 wickets, and the Emiri Guard over Team Americana - 9 runs.

In hockey, Sharjah Tigers Hockey Green team defeated Khalifa Hockey Club team 3-1, UAE Falcons team tied with Sharjah Municipality Hockey Club team 3-3, Sharjah Tigers Hockey Blue team defeated Accipiter Hockey Club team 5-2, and Sharjah Tigers Hockey Green defeated Scarlett Hockey Club 3-0. Accipiter Hockey Club defeated Toba Tigers Hockey Club 3-1, UAE Falcons drew 1-1 with Sharjah Police and Sharjah Tigers Hockey Blue with Sharjah Municipality Hockey Club 1-1. Sharjah Tigers Hockey Green team defeated the UAE Accipiter Hockey Club team 6-0, Toba Tigers Hockey Club tied with Khalifa Hockey Club 2-2 and Sharjah Municipality tied with Sharjah Tigers Hockey Green 3-3. Sharjah Police Hockey Club team won Sharjah Tigers Hockey Blue 3-2, and Sharjah Police Hockey Club team beat Khalifa Hockey Club team 4-2.

Honest competition

Salem Yousef Al Qaseer, Chairman of the Labour Standards Development Authority in Sharjah, praised the high level performance of the players participating in the tournament, stressing that the tournament represents a bright image of honest competition. The wise leadership of the United Arab Emirates is striving to have the country an attractive and ideal environment for all residents to practice all kinds of sports to improve health and social relationships.

He added that the Sharjah Labour Sports Tournament is to be added to the success story of the Emirate of Sharjah in organizing sports events at all levels. He commended the high spirit of players and teams and expressed pride that the tournament has become a role model and a bright image.