Nasser Al Junaibi, chairman of UAE Pro League Image Credit: Supplied picture

Dubai: The UAE Pro League (UAE PL) launched a new social responsibility initiative titled #SkillDonation to support ‘The Fund of the United Arab Emirates: Homeland of Humanity’ dedicated to combat the COVID-19 virus.

The initiative, a part of the UAEPL’s efforts to boost collaboration with the various state institutions to limit the impact of the virus, has been termed #SkillDonation - a ten-day long football challenge, where fans film videos of themselves juggling the ball 10 times and posting it on social media, tagging the UAEPL’s account, @AGLeague. The UAEPL, in turn, will contribute a donation for each video posted online.

“Such initiatives show the humanitarian side of football. It’s not just a game, but a noble message that involves football fans of all ages and nationalities in humanitarian work. This also embodies the spirit of solidarity between the government’s various initiatives and people’s responses to them to achieve the necessary objectives,” Nasser Al Junaibi, UAE PL Chairman, said.

“We organise this initiative in collaboration with the UAE Red Crescent. It is aimed to emphasize the importance of following the authorities’ instructions and staying at home, while maintaining fitness by playing sports and participating in a group effort where the UAE PL donates to The Fund of the United Arab Emirates: Homeland of Humanity. So, it is one initiative that serves multiple purposes in the greater interest of the community. I urge everyone to actively participate in this initiative,” he added.

The UAE PL also called on fans, regular spectators and football followers to take part in this humanitarian initiative. The governing body also contacted professional clubs in the UAE to share the challenge with its affiliates and to contribute to the fund. Al Junaibi expressed his gratitude to the UAE authorities for their efforts in limiting the spread of COVID-19, reserving special praise for medical and healthcare workers who are sacrificing their time to provide safety and health to the community.