Ahead of the megafight against Floyd Mayweather, we look at 12 things you may not have known about Manny Pacquiao...

1. He eats steamed white rice and chicken or beef broth at almost every meal

2. Manny will only drink hot or room temperature water. Never cold water because he feels it is not healthy


Thank you @markwahlberg for the Aqua Hydrate water.

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3. Manny averages over 2,500 sit-ups daily during training camp 

4. Manny eats five meals and consumes 8,000 calories daily to keep his weight and energy up

5. Manny regularly has 500 fans follow him on his morning runs in Los Angeles

6. He starts every morning with a Bible reading


On our way to church! Have a blessed Sunday everyone. God Bless.

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7. He loves his Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups

8. Over the past 12 months Manny has met with President Obama, President Clinton and Prince Harry


Dinner with Prince Harry its so nice thank you Lord.

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9. Pacman, Manny's nine-year-old Jack Russell terrier and beloved companion, accompanies Manny on all his morning runs and to his workouts at Wild Card. He even has his own frequent flier account

10. Manny is a Lt. Colonel in the reserve force of Philippine Army

11. Floyd Mayweather Jr. will be the third consecutive undefeated world champion Manny has faced in the past 13 months

12. Manny is a big photography buff. This week he purchased two Canon flagship cameras – the 1DX – complete with lenses and accessories