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The Tender Hearts group having fun at MyGolf Dubai with the MyGolf Dubai PGA Pros and helpers. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A group of nine students from Tender Hearts attended a Golf Workshop hosted this week at MyGolf Dubai. Through the leadership of Tender Hearts’ founders Neena Raina and Arti Khazanchi, the ‘People of Determination’ students visited the climate-controlled luxury indoor golf entertainment centre at Dragon Mart 2, Dubai.

The invited group consisted of students from GEMS Modern School, GEMS Cambridge International School and other schools in Dubai and was also attended by volunteers from different schools in Dubai as well as additional helpers and a further support team.

Stephen Hong, Head of MyGolf Academy, said: “We are delighted to host this Tender Hearts group today at MyGolf Dubai. We played the Arcade Golf Game on our Golfzon simulators in our private rooms, which we opened up to create three adjacent tee decks and three hitting zones, supervised by three of our MyGolf Dubai PGA Qualified Pros: Divan Ehmke, Theodore Seah and Zouhaier Jebri. We all had fun.

Rewarding experience

“Today, proved once again, that golf can be a very inclusive game and can be played and enjoyed by everyone and anyone, even from day one. We are planning to make this a regular programme for this Tender Hearts group, particularly during the next few weeks, with the outside weather being so hot and uncomfortable for golf.

“It was rewarding to see the smiles on the students’ faces and to hear the shared celebrations of the good shots being applauded by the group. After the golf, the group then all participated in a karaoke session in our private karaoke room adjacent to the open golf bays and private golf rooms. We look forward to expanding this programme to other similar groups and schools, and working with the other golf clubs, local Federations and partners,” concluded Hong.

John Alvin, one of the Tender Hearts teachers attending, said: “We have all had a truly memorable day. Special thanks go to MyGolf Dubai, Stephen, his PGA Pros and all the MyGolf Dubai team. In addition, thank you to our old friend Jonathan Craddock, from Emirates Golf Club who has introduced us to the right people to make today happen. We have previously taken some of our groups with Jonathan to Emirates Golf Club during the cooler golf seasons. We look forward to coming back to MyGolf Dubai very soon.”