Dubai: Diego Maradona claims he only found out about his Al Wasl sacking via the club’s announcement on their Twitter feed.

The Argentine legend, who spent 14 months in charge of the Zabeel outfit, told Argentine radio station Perro de la Calle’s Metro show: “The fact I learned [about my sacking] from Twitter is a mess.

“I was working until they decided to make a change. The club is theirs and I cannot say anything as they have the right to choose their representative.”

Maradona, who was replaced by Bruno Metsu on Tuesday, added: “We fought on four fronts with 17 players. I believe that there is no side with 17 players who can succeed on the field.”

During the interview he also denied he had earned between $10 million and $34 million (Dh36.7 million and Dh125 million) from coaching Al Wasl. The figures, initially cited by media in Europe on his May 2011 arrival, have continually been denied by the club.

Although no-one has confirmed any numbers to date, last week a source at the club denied Maradona’s compensation amounted to $17 million, saying the contractual clause for cancellation was two months’ salary.

The source revealed that, with Maradona on Dh800,000 a month, his compensation would only be Dh1.6 million.

Using those figures, his 14-month tenure plus two month pay-off would amount to Dh12.8 million ($3.5 million), not including any signing on fee.

Maradona added: “I’m not complaining because I signed for two years, I will solve my problem with my contract.

“I’m going to talk face-to-face. I’ll go with my lawyers. I’m going because I have my house, my clothes, my Ferrari. And I have to say goodbye to the boys. They did an amazing effort.”