Wales captain Gareth Bale against Czech Republic.
Wales captain Gareth Bale against Czech Republic. Image Credit: AP

Twitter has gone wild after Wales captain Gareth Bale landed a clean elbow in the face of a Czech Republic player accused of racism.

In a viral video from Tuesday night’s World Cup 2022 qualifier, Bale is seen glancing over his shoulder at Ondrej Kudela before striking him with his elbow and flooring him.

Kudela required medical attention and was soon replaced by Antonio Barak on the pitch.

Uefa is currently investigating Kudela for allegations of racial abuse against Rangers FC player Glen Kamara during the Europa League.

Social media was alight with unconfirmed theories that Bale’s actions were related to Kudela’s racism allegations.

“Gareth Bale purposely elbowing the lad who racially abused Kamara is beautiful. Gave the look and everything,” wrote one viewer.

“I’m sure there will be large sections of the football community that won’t be too upset to see him take a blow to the face,” a Sky Sports commentator said during the incident.

Bale ahead of the game stretched in a shirt bearing the following message: “Show racism the red card.”

At the back of his shirt was an Angela Davis quote: “In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist. We must be anti-racist.”

Bale was not booked for the incident. Wales went on to win 1-0 against Czech Republic.

The full story: Kamara takes stance against racism with Steven Gerrard's backing

Slavia Prague's Ondrej Kudela clashes with Rangers' Glen Kamara. Picture taken March 18, 2021. Image Credit: Reuters

Kamara last week spoke out against the 'vile racism' he faced, alleging that Kudela had called him a '[expletive] monkey'.

“There is no place for racism or any form of bigotry in football.

“Since summer many of us have taken the knee in solidarity with those who have lost their lives to racial violence.

“If UEFA genuinely wants to ‘show racism the red card’, then it’s time to stop the tokenism and take a zero-tolerance approach.

“As a player I do not expect myself, nor any other to have to tolerate racial hatred on or off the pitch in 2021.

“The vile racist abuse by Ondrej Kudela, took place on the international stage, and any failure to act by UEFA will be viewed as a greenlight for racism.

“During yesterday’s match with Slavia Prague, Kudela was arguing with a Rangers player and after I tried to intervene, he told me to shut up and then said ‘one second my friend’.

“He then came over to me covering his mouth, leaning into my ear, he uttered the words – ‘You’re a [expletive] monkey, you know you are’.

“I was shocked and horrified to hear such racist abuse from a professional football player.

“Kudela’s claim he simply swore at me and said ‘You’re a [expletive] guy’ is a complete utter lie, which does not stand up to any form of scrutiny.

“Kudela’s actions were deliberate and premeditated, but he was loud enough for my team-mate Bongani Zungu to hear what was said.

“I am grateful for the unconditional support of my team, our club and especially our manager Steven Gerrard," he added.