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Al Nassr striker Cristiano Ronaldo has splurged £750,000 on a watch crafted by Jacob & Co. Image Credit: Instagram / Ronaldo

Dubai: Cristiano Ronaldo has been flaunting an extravagant new watch on social media, which, despite its exorbitant price, represents only a small fraction of his immense wealth.

Since his high-profile transfer to Al Nassr in Saudi Arabia, the 38-year-old has become the highest-earning sportsperson globally, with an estimated annual income of £173 million from his wages and various commercial activities.

Luxurious timepiece

Ronaldo proudly displayed his luxurious timepiece on Instagram, captivating his followers’ attention. The watch, valued at £750,000 and crafted by Jacob & Co, features a striking blue color scheme and a majestic design.

While this purchase may have been costly, it is merely a drop in the bucket for the forward, who has amassed enormous wealth over his illustrious career as one of the world’s most prominent athletes.

Ronaldo showed off his ridiculously expensive watch - but it still only cost the Al Nassr ace a tiny portion of his huge wealth. Image Credit: Instagram / Ronaldo

With a staggering combined social media following of 855 million, Ronaldo is undeniably the most popular athlete online. His massive online presence brings numerous commercial opportunities that further augment his already substantial earnings, estimated at £3.3 million per week.

Long-time rival

As a result of his lucrative move to Al Nassr, Ronaldo surpassed his long-time rival Lionel Messi to claim the top spot on Forbes’ list of the 50 highest-paid athletes.

Behind Ronaldo and Messi is Kylian Mbappe followed by basketball legend LeBron James. Boxing sensation Canelo Alvarez occupies the fifth position, with golfers Dustin Johnson and Phil Mickelson ranking sixth and seventh, respectively. NBA stars Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant claim the eighth and tenth spots, sandwiching tennis legend Roger Federer.