M S Dhoni
The complaint has been filed against Mihir Diwakar and Soumya Vishwas of Aarka Sports and Management Limited in Ranchi court regarding a 2017 business deal. Image Credit: insta/aalimhakim

Ranchi: Cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni has filed a lawsuit in the Ranchi court against two officials of Aarka Sports and Management Limited, accusing them of fraud amounting to over Rs 15 crore.

The case has been filed against Mihir Diwakar and Soumya Vishwas.

Dhoni had entered into an agreement with this company in 2017 regarding the establishment of a global-level cricket academy.

When the company failed to adhere to the terms of the agreement, Dhoni issued several notices, but receiving no response, he terminated the rights granted to the company from his side.

As per the agreement made between both the parties in 2017 for running the cricket academy, Aarka Sports was obligated to pay a franchise fee and share profits with Dhoni as per the agreement's terms, which were allegedly not honoured.

According to Dayanand Singh, representing Dhoni through Vidhi Associates, Aarka Sports did not adhere to these terms, causing significant financial loss to Dhoni.

Due to the non-compliance with the terms, Dhoni had sent a notice to Aarka Sports on August 15, 2021, and subsequently, the rights granted to the company were revoked.

Dhoni also sent several legal notices, but to no avail.

Meanwhile, Dhoni's friend Simant Lohani a.k.a Chittu, has also filed a complaint, alleging that he was threatened by Mihir Diwakar after they took legal action against Aarka Sports.