Waqar Younis Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: At a time when a sense of despair has engulfed the whole world due to the COVID-19 and driving many people to depression, a few cricketers have come forward to spread positivity and hope. Being heroes who fought many cricket battles and emerged successfully, their words could have a big impact on many.

Speaking to Gulf News, former Pakistan captain and coach Waqar Younis, a resident of Australia, said: “It is a tough time for the world, and this is the moment for all of us need to do our bit and stay strong. Without togetherness, the going ahead will be difficult.”

Younis’ wife is a doctor by profession, and takes pride in the fact that she is risking everything to save human lives. “It is a scary feeling when my wife Dr. Faryal Waqar leaves for the hospital in the morning but it is equally satisfactory when she returns. I can proudly say my wife is a hero”. Younis then tweeted saying: “Keep fighting girl. Hats off to all doctors and nurses around the world. We owe you guys big time,” and posted his wife’s picture with another doctor, both fully covered in protective gear.

Dr Faryal Waqar (left) with a colleague

Like Waqar, Faryal, who is the mother of their three teenage girls, believes in remaining strong during crisis. Her twitter has the famous quote from the great philosopher Confuscius, which says: “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

South African great AB de Villiers, meanwhile, stressed the importance of being an optimist and seeing the glass half full, no matter how difficult the situation is, and not be a pessimist who always sees the glass half-empty. In his tweet, he appealed to everyone to stay safe and look after each other.

Former Indian all-rounder Madan Lal’s suggestion to everyone was to have gratitude as that can change everything. Instead of complaining during a global pandemic, he feels everyone should be thankful for the essential services and work towards fighting the COVID-19.


Former Pakistan captain Rameez Raja reminded everyone of their nation’s World Cup triumph in 1992. He tweeted: “Twenty-eight years ago, we beat the odds to beat the world and win the World Cup. We need to conjure up the same spirit to beat the corona odds. Let’s play our part well under the same skipper (Imran Khan) and fight like cornered tigers.”

Sri Lankan greats Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardene also appealed to act intelligently. Jayawardene believes that everyone should be disciplined: “What is most important is to remain disciplined. Let us all act as if we have the virus so that we don’t give it to someone else. Wash your hands and Keep distance from people.”

West Indies great Brian Lara too stressed on the importance of being positive. “From a very early age, I was told that my worst enemy was myself. Stay positive, fight those negative thoughts away and all will be fine. Before you touch your face, always wash your hands. This is not just going to benefit you but everyone around you. Let’s fight COVID-19 together.”