India's Jasprit Bumrah
India's Jasprit Bumrah Image Credit: AP

Dubai: Jasprit Bumrah’s match haul of 9 for 86 is the best by any Indian bowler in Australia and it his personal best too. So far, his performance in the series has been outstanding and once again proves that those who work hard on their dreams can earn success.

Bumrah isn’t tall or well-built but he can produce unplayable deliveries. It’s no wonder that Indian captain doffed his hat to acknowledge Bumrah’s performance after the Melbourne Test victory. Kohli’s remark that he would dread facing Bumrah on a pitch like Perth will give a big boost to this youngster’s morale.

Bumrah has progressed so much over the years that he is one among the best fast bowlers in the world today. He made his Test debut only in January this year, yet has produced five wicket spells in all the countries he has played. One can attribute this to pure hard work and dreaming of becoming an outstanding Test player too after his ODI debut, and ensuring he remains consistent as well.

Bumrah’s action, especially the sling-arm action which generates pace, is special in many ways. This action is not easy for batsmen to play, and his sizzling yorkers makes them even tougher. He deserves the tag ‘Boom Boom Bumrah’ as his deliveries are like missiles, and on a fast wicket he can create havoc. India should feel proud of the fact that an Indian pacer is being hailed by some of the Australian greats as well.

Bumrah’s abilities should be preserved, and for that he should be used sparingly. India needs a pacer like him for a longer period and hence it is important to ensure he remains fit. It should be noted that he had suffered a knee injury in 2014 which had kept him out of action for a while. Today he has amazing levels of energy, and by working hard on his fitness he has excellent stamina too.

Bumrah has also proven that he is also a thinking bowler and has always bowled according to the type of wicket. He has shown that merely having a good action and pace, or bowling excellent yorkers, is not effective enough; he needs to use his intelligence too. That is the reason behind the unplayable deliveries that he often produces.

Bumrah is only 25 years old and can bowl consistently at a pace of 142 kmph today; he even touched 153.26 in Australia. The legendary pacer Dennis Lillee has compared him with the great Jeff Thomson. Today this youngster is just one year into Test cricket and needs to gain more control over his art and add more variety too. His ability to work hard and soak in advice will surely help him. Cricket needs such wizardry bowlers who do not fear to err and Bumrah has that trait in him.