Expo City Dubai opens with stunning visuals on Al Wasl dome
Expo City Dubai features stunning visuals on Al Wasl dome Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan

Dubai: With daytime temperatures dropping and evenings getting pleasant, it seems to be a perfect time to plan a visit to the Dubai Expo City.

The site, which previously hosted the Expo 2020, officially relaunched on October 1. Tickets to the four pavilions – Alif, Vision, Women’s, and Terra cost Dhs50 each for adults and a daily ‘Attractions Pass’ costs Dhs120 for all four.

However, there are some attractions that children can enjoy for under Dh30 or for free. While the city itself is open 24 hours, most attractions are accessible between 10am and 6pm.

1. Surreal water feature

Expo water feature
Expo water feature Image Credit: Supplied

Children seem to love this water experience at the Expo City. A synchronised spectacle of music and water, it features water falling off large immersive walls. Spiral structures at the center of the feature produce bright hydrogen flames in unexpected colors. The feature can be accessed for free.

2. Wasl Projection show

Image Credit: Supplied

Head to the Al Wasl Dome at the Expo City to see colourful stunning projections that will light up the dome inside the main plaza. The plaza and giant dome create an open-air lobby that doubles as the world’s largest 360-degree projection theater. Four shows take place every evening from 6.15pm till 11pm.

3. Playgrounds for children

The kids’ playgrounds are back in action and open from 2 to 10pm. They include the Adventurous Octopus Playground at Terra, the Sustainability Pavilion, Latifa’s Adventures in Space City at Al Forsan Park, where children can board a replica of the Hope Probe, and the Rashid’s Adventures Playground at Jubilee Park, which is an ocean-themed playground featuring whale slides, ocean liners, and spring-mounted sharks. Toddlers will adore exploring a 3D maze modelled like a humpback whale.

4. The Expo Explorer train

Expo Explorer
Expo Explorer: Take a scenic and sustainable train ride around the Expo site Image Credit: Supplied

This is a fun way for families to get around and see the attractions. The train runs with a tour guide from 10am to 4pm and without a tour guide from 4pm to 6pm. Buggies, eScooters, and eBikes are also currently available free of cost.

5. Around the World Carousel

Expo 2020 carousel
Who doesn’t love a merry go round? Enjoy a festive carnival atmosphere your child is sure to enjoy. The beautiful Italian-made carousel in the Mobility District features hand painted images of some past World Expos, giving you a colourful frame for that picture-perfect moment. The four-minute ride requires Smart Queue booking. Image Credit: Supplied

Hop on this beautiful Italian-made carousel with hand-painted images of past World Expos. Enjoy a ride like no other while sitting on a horse, inside a teacup, or simply relaxing inside a rocking chariot or on a bench. Location: Mobility District. The ticket price is Dh20 and free for children under two and People of Determination.

6. Garden in the Sky

Expo 2020 Water feature and garden in the sky
Image Credit: Supplied

Standing tall in Jubilee Park, the Garden in the Sky is a rotating observation tower that lifts visitors 55 metres above Expo for a beautiful panoramic view. It can be accessed between 10am to 6pm for Dh30 per person and is free for children below five.