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November 12, 1992: First Computer Shopper opens in Dubai

Today in History: November 12, 1992: First Computer Shopper opens in Dubai

Image Credit: Gulf News Archives
Hamad Abdul Rahman Al Madfa, Minister of Education, opened Computer Shopper exhibition in Dubai.
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First Computer Shopper opens in Dubai

1992 - Hamad Abdul Rahman Al Madfa, UAE Minister of Education, opened the first Computer Shopper exhibition in Dubai. The first retail exhibition aimed at the general public, college and university students was launched this year as an addition to Gitex ‘92, the annual Gulf Information Technology exhibition. The Computer Shopper opened two days before the main Gitex to allow public visitors an opportunity to visit the show during the weekend. More than 35 companies are displaying the computer hardware, software and applications products on a 1,000-square metre exhibition space. “The event reasserts the importance of Dubai not only as a commercial centre, but also as a centre for culture, science and technology in the Middle East,” Al Madfa said.

November 12

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