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January 13, 1993: Allies hit Iraq in lightning raid

Today in History: January 13, 1993: Allies hit Iraq in lightning raid

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Sailors aboard the USS Kitty Hawk load bombs to hit anti-aircraft missiles and radars in southern Iraq. - Gulf News Archives
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Allies hit Iraq in lightning raid

1993 -American, French and British warplanes blasted anti-aircraft missiles and radars in southern Iraq and the White House warned Baghdad that more raids could follow unless it stopped violating Gulf War ceasefire terms. In remarks swiftly followed by a message of support from United States President-elect Bill Clinton, who takes office exactly one week hence, the White House also said President George Bush had ordered a battalion-sized task force back to Kuwait to underscore US commitment to that country’s continued independence in light of renewed Iraqi threats to annex it. Army officials said the contingent would put about 1,700 US military personnel, about half of them combat troops, back in the country freed of Iraqi occupation by a western-Arab coalition.

January 13

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1967 - Gnassingbe Eyadema seizes power in Togo in a bloodless coup.

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1982 - An Air Florida 737 crashes into a bridge after takeoff and falls into the Potomac River, killing 78 people.

1985 - A passenger train derails in Ethiopia, with four of its five coaches plunging into a ravine, killing more than 425 people.

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1991 - President Mario Soares of Portugal is re-elected.

1994 - Italian Premier Carlo Ciampi resigns.

1995 - A fast-moving passenger train rams into a stationary train in Bangladesh, killing 39 people.

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