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February 23, 1993: Lien Chan is new Taiwan Prime Minister

Today in History: February 23, 1993: Lien Chan is new Taiwan Prime Minister

Image Credit: Gulf News Archives
New premier Lien Chan shakes hand with parliamentary speaker Liu Sung-fan in Taipei.
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1993 - Lien Chan (above, left), a US-educated political scientist whose nomination triggered intense infighting within the governing Nationalist Party, was confirmed as Taiwan’s new premier. The move was part of a transfer of power from old guard nationalists to a younger generation of liberals. The legislative Yuan, Taiwan’s parliament, voted 109-33 to confirm Lien, 56, scion of a wealthy family and the island’s provincial governor since 1990, to succeed Hau Pei-tsun, 73. Confirmation of Taiwan’s first native Taiwanese prime minister could lead to a change in the country’s policy from asserting its right to rule mainland China towards a separatist stance. Lien said he supported the idea of an “independent Republic of China”.

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