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December 4,1992: Sulayem cruises to tremendous win

UAE teams snatched an incredible six of the top 10 places with Rashid Ghurab and Khalifa Khalifa finishing third

Image Credit: Gulf News Archives
Mohammad Bin Sulayem and his co-driver Ronan Morgan after winning the Dubai International Rally.
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1992 Mohammad Bin Sulayem shone in his own backyard and came up with a fantastic win. Fifty raiders tried and only 20 lived to tell the tale as the UAE star powered his way to a tremendous victory in the 1992 Dubai International Rally. In picking up his sixth Dubai International title in eight years and his 27th overall international success Sulayem underlined his numero-uno status in the Gulf. He later said, “It was an important victory. We needed to establish Middle Eastern teams to enable them stay on the scene and continue to promote the port.” Indeed it was a victory for the UAE as much as it was for the genial Marlboro ace, who only recently achieved a phenomenal World Championship breakthrough winning in Spain. UAE teams snatched an incredible six of the top 10 places with Rashid Ghurab and Khalifa Khalifa finishing third behind Saudi Arabia’s Mamdouh Khayat who followed up his Middle East Championship victory with a terrific run into the runner-up position.

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