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December 13, 2002: Malaysia frees businessman Quattrocchi

Ottavio Quattrocchi had been accused in India of receiving $7 million (Dh25.7 million) in illegal payments

Image Credit: Gulf News Archives
Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi seen outside the High Court in Kuala Lumpur. At right is his lawyer Mohammad Shafee Abdullah.
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2002- Malaysia’s High Court freed an Italian businessman embroiled in a weapons kickback scandal which has dogged Indian politics for well over a decade. Ottavio Quattrocchi, friend of assassinated former Indian prime minister Rajiv Gandhi and resident in Malaysia since the early 1990s, had been accused in India of receiving $7 million (Dh25.7 million) in illegal payments as a middleman in the $1.2 billion purchase of artillery from Swedish arms maker Bofors AB in 1986. India’s Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) said it was “distressed” by the verdict and had asked Malaysian prosecutors, who were arguing New Delhi’s case, to appeal against the ruling. “I’ve never done anything wrong. Now, of course, I feel more relieved, “ Quattrocchi told reporters after the judge set him free.

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