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August 13, 2007: China bridge collapse leaves 22 dead

At least 39 people were missing after the 320-metre bridge collapsed during the evening rush hour

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Rescuers carry the body of a victim who was killed when a bridge collapsed in Fenghuang county, in central China’s Hunan province. - Gulf News Archives

2007 - A road bridge on the verge of completion in China has collapsed, killing 22 people and injuring 22. At least 39 people were missing after the 320-metre bridge, spanning the Tuo river in Fenghuang County, in the southern province of Hunan, collapsed during the evening rush hour, even as workers were stripping scaffolding from the bridge. Pictures on state-run China Central Television showed bulldozers and rescue workers picking through a massive pile of debris stretching between two hills on the banks of the river, which flows through a scenic area in western Hunan popular with tourists. A total of 123 workers were at the site of the arched concrete bridge, which had been scheduled for completion this month.

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