Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Image Credit: Reuters

When writers daringly break barriers and put out reports on the dangers of Israeli manipulation of US politics for self-serving interests, their pieces are quickly dismissed as anti-Semitic hysteria. But historical events justify the alarm raised by a few western writers against a deeply embedded menace within the US political system. It is a menace that singularly promotes Israeli interests above American ones, and effectively uses US politicians for that purpose. Israel has also farmed out Zionists and their sympathisers across the US media, and who have churned out news consistently favourable to the image of Israel, regardless of the facts that often prove otherwise.

Israel is a country viewed by many outside the American continent as a rogue state. That reputation has not been unjustly earned. It has been carrying out a shameful holocaust against lawful inhabitants of the land for the past seven decades, while a silent world watches and coughs up pitiful justifications. Israel has perfected the art of terrorism against a people by circling, ensnaring and suffocating them to the point of explosion. And when there is a fight back from the oppressed, that’s all what most of the western press heralds. Lambasting the Palestinians for daring to react, the media brims over with concerns on Israeli security and stability. No thought or analysis is given to the course of events that have led a people threatened by ethnic cleansing or extermination to respond.

Gideon Levy, an Israeli writer and journalist who has followed his conscience and over the years has constantly visited the encircled Occupied Territories, says, “I immediately realised this was what I wanted to do; to understand the brutality and inhumanity of the Israeli occupation. I figured out three things. First, this was the biggest drama facing the state of Israel. Second, this story was not being covered by the Israeli media. And third, this was going to be my life mission — to report about the Israeli occupation to Israeli readers who did not want to know what was really happening there.”

In the past, he has submitted eyewitness accounts of Palestinian youth cold-bloodedly shot by Israeli soldiers or the burning of the farms of Palestinian olive growers by Israeli colonists intent on driving the farmers out and occupying their land, while the Israeli army look on without concern. He has also been deeply affected by the lack of judicial action against Israeli soldiers who have killed Palestinians in cold-blood, almost making a sport.

Scoffing criticism that he, an Israeli Jew is an anti-Semite, Levy adds, “History has witnessed worse and more brutal occupiers than the Israelis. But I’ve never heard about an occupation force that believes it is the victim. And the only victim! I sometimes feel ashamed of what is being done on our behalf. I feel really guilty towards the Palestinians. I think we are doing terrible things to them.”

Israel is a country that has also shown impunity against the sovereignty of other nations. It has cultivated and employed moles and spies in most countries, individuals who promote Israeli interests into the mainstream agenda, a tactic that has successfully enabled them to maintain their ongoing holocaust without much censure or condemnation. Following the Mossad sponsored hit squad that infiltrated Dubai back in 2010 and assassinated a Palestinian political leader, it was proven that Israel had been using fake or forged passports of various nationalities for their disreputable purposes. Australian-Israeli Mossad agent Ben Zygier, implicated in the Dubai strike, died under mysterious circumstances while under Israeli detention. There were reports that Zygier was about to blow the lid on Mossad’s use of western passports, among other sensitive operational issues. Israel went to extreme lengths to cover up the Dubai affair, and his convenient death put an end to a lot of answers.

Israel has also continually ignored or rejected UN resolutions, an action if undertaken by another country would have prompted Nato heads to quickly put together a coalition of forces and invade the country. They flatly reject any form of inspection by any quarter of their nuclear industry.

Israeli sympathisers in the American political arena were successful in creating the mesmerising but false threat of the weapons of mass destruction that Iraq supposedly had in its possession and was intending to use them against the US. This self-serving act led the US in an act of war against a country that had no ties to the September 11 attacks. It was a war that took the lives of innocent Iraqis and Americans, and led to an economic blowback against the US economy. But hey, all is ok in the interest of Israel.

Today, those same Israeli moles and sympathisers in American clothing are fighting against the nomination of Obama’s candidate for secretary of defence, Chuck Hagel. Why? Just why are some of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)- financed politicians in arms against Hagel, a highly respected ex-senator, a combat veteran, a two-time Purple Heart winner, and a true American. This shameful attack on his character and past history smacks of nothing except self-serving interests, with the spectre of Israel in the background. Hagel had in the past demonstrated that he was not blind to manipulations of US politics by self interest groups and had opposed the war on Iraq. Israel does not want someone in the US government that does not toe the line when it comes to their interests.

This is why they have to employ the enemy from within to consolidate their ambitions. This is not the ranting of an anti-Semite. Events I have mentioned can be verified by any independent news source. Americans must stamp out the enemy before it swallows them.

Tariq A. Al Maeena is a Saudi socio-political commentator. He lives in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. You can follow him at www.twitter.com/@talmaeena