There is a general belief that prevention is better than cure. But, prevention cannot work without awareness. Unfortunately, many people suffer from or are prone to developing cancer, because of lifestyle choices or genetics. Breast Cancer is a common disease that affects many women. As per world cancer data, there were over 2 million cases of breast cancer reported in 2018. Every year, during the month of October, many awareness campaigns are carried out around the world.

Luckily, in my school in Dubai, all children of grade five and six gather at the Al Quoz Pond Park in Dubai and share motivational slogans to help those people fighting this traumatising disease. Our school management also holds various workshops to motivate mothers going through the illness and help spread awareness on the issue.

My family also takes this topic very seriously and for that purpose, my mother frequently visits the hospital and get checked by her specialist doctor. In this way, she ensures she is fit and healthy. In my opinion, all women across the world should follow this approach and take preventive measures.

People are always concerned that only women might me prone to breast cancer, however, one should never stop motivating someone suffering from this disease. If diagnosed, they need to be reminded that the fight is not over and that there is hope for recovery.

- The reader is a pupil in a Dubai school