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What you need to know:

  • Do what makes you happey, time is moving and we are growing old.

The basic ingredient for the heart to stay healthy is to keep it happy. Vacations have always proved to be a boon, as they allow us to detach ourselves from our daily life and routine. It helps us energise ourselves, just like how we fill a car with petrol so that it can run.

However, living life fully should be something on our agenda every day. Living happiness is for everyday and not for a particular day, week or a month in life. Vacations act like a bridge as they take you to your family and loved ones. Nothing is permanent in life. We don’t know how much time we have. Today is promised so we must live it to the fullest.

For me, I try to be happy every day and I do this by doing everything I like. Whether it is a gathering with friends, a party at home, movies and more, I try and do them all.

Sometimes, we plan staycations as a family for the weekend so that everyone can relax. I like to take part in my favourite activities like reading by the swimming pool, going to the spa, spending time with family, and more. Life is a vacation and we should feel alive all the time – wanting to be happy always.

The most special tool to revive one’s holiday spirit are photographs and videos. When you look at your old memories, it brings back a sense of completeness. Souvenirs helps us rewind our holidays and they remind us of how fortunate we are. It makes us want to plan our next holiday destination. We sit as a family and make a list of the places we want to go and start shortlisting the destination as soon as possible.

Vacations might only be for a couple of weeks but a lot of effort goes into planning the holiday and making appropriate bookings. Memories made in the present will always be treasured in the future. They make you remember the past with a smile. We must remember that with time we will age. We will grow older and our children will grow up too. By that time, these memories will act as souvenirs that we have created for ourselves. We should do what makes us happy, always.

- The reader is a writer and former banker based in Abu Dhabi.