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Dubai: Found just the right flight, which is within your budget, but realised it flies out of a different Emirate? Well, if you are flying with a UAE-based airline, chances are you might get a free or budget-friendly shuttle service from your Emirate of residence.

In the UAE, airlines like Emirates, Etihad and Air Arabia provide affordable inter-Emirate bus rides for passengers, which can further expand your flight options. Here is all you need to know about the services offered and how you can book them.


Emirates operates coach services for Economy Class and Premium Economy passengers holding a flight ticket and travelling from Abu Dhabi or Al Ain to Dubai.

It is important to note that to use the free service, you must have a valid Emirates flight ticket and you must book the service at least 48 hours in advance.

How do I book the Emirates shuttle bus service?

According to the Emirates website, passengers are advised to specify Abu Dhabi or Al Ain as their departure or arrival city, to ensure that that their booking on the shuttle bus is included in their flight.

However, you can also make a booking for the shuttle bus service by calling the Emirates’ toll free number 600 555555 and providing the call centre agent with your booking reference number to reserve a seat on the bus.

Timings for the Emirates Shuttle service

From Abu Dhabi to Dubai

Departure - 3am
Arrival - 5.15am

Departure - 6am
Arrival - 8.15am

Departure - 9.30am
Arrival - 11.45am

Departure - 4.30pm
Arrival - 6.45pm

Departure - 10pm
Arrival - 11.59pm

From Dubai to Abu Dhabi

Departure - 3am
Arrival - 5.15am

Departure - 6.30am
Arrival - 8.45am

Departure - 10am
Arrival - 12.15pm

Departure - 3pm
Arrival - 5.15pm

Departure - 11pm
Arrival - 1.15am

Abu Dhabi pick-up/drop-off point

Emirates Airline Office, Corniche Road, Al Khalidiya

Location link:


Drop off: Dubai International Airport, Terminal 3, Departure Level, check in area C.

Pick-up: Dubai International Airport, Terminal 3, Arrivals Level, last lane opposite Exit 3.

From Al Ain to Dubai

Departure - 9pm
Arrival - 11.15pm

From Dubai to Al Ain

Departure – 2.30am
Arrival – 4.15 am

Al Ain pick-up/drop-off point

Al Falah Plaza, next To Emirates Commercial Complex, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Street, Central District, Abu Dhabi

Location link:


If you have booked a flight with Etihad, you can also use their free coach service, which is available from Dubai and Al Ain to Abu Dhabi International Airport.

How do I book the Etihad coach service?

Etihad advises passengers to make a booking 24 hours prior to travel. Passengers without a booking confirmation will not be able to board the bus.

To reserve a booking for the Etihad bus service, you must visit this link here: and enter your booking reference number or ticket number and enter your last name.

Dubai pick-up/drop-off location:

There is a dedicated bus station for Etihad Airways’ shuttle service behind the new Safestway Supermarket on Sheikh Zayed Road. The shuttle bus can be identified by the bus number starting with ‘EY’.

Location link:

Abu Dhabi to Dubai:
Departure: 12.15am
Arrival: 2.15am

Departure: 1.25am
Arrival: 3.25am

Departure: 3.05am
Arrival: 5.05am

Departure: 7.05am
Arrival: 9.05am

Departure: 8.20am
Arrival: 10.20am

Departure: 10.50am
Arrival: 12.50pm

Departure: 2.25pm
Arrival: 4.25pm

Departure: 8.25pm
Arrival: 10.25pm

Departure: 9.25pm
Arrival: 11.25pm

Departure: 10.10pm
Arrival: 11.50pm

Dubai to Abu Dhabi:

Departure: 2.05am
Arrival: 4.05am

EY 5413
Departure: 4.10am
Arrival: 6.10am

EY 5415
Departure: 6.05am
Arrival: 8.05am

EY 5417
Departure: 9.35am
Arrival: 11.35am

EY 5419
Departure: 11.30 am
Arrival: 1.30pm

EY 5421
Departure: 4.15pm
Arrival: 6.05pm

EY 5423
Departure: 5.20pm
Arrival: 7.20pm

EY 5425
Departure: 7.05pm
Arrival: 9.05pm

EY 5427
Departure: 8.55pm
Arrival: 10.55pm

EY 5429
Departure: 10.30pm
Arrival: 12.30am

Travelling to and from Al Ain

Al Ain pick up and drop off location: Al Ain Club Tower, Al Riyadh Street

Location link:

Abu Dhabi to Al Ain

Departure: 1.35am
Arrival: 4.35am

Departure: 5.35am
Arrival: 8.05am

Departure: 3.45pm
Arrival: 6.15pm

Departure: 7.50pm
Arrival: 10.20pm

Al Ain to Abu Dhabi

Departure: 1.35am
Arrival: 4.05am

Departure: 9.25am
Arrival: 11.55am

Departure: 2.25pm
Arrival: 5.55pm

Departure: 9.25pm
Arrival: 11.55pm

Air Arabia

Currently, Air Arabia offers shuttle bus services for its passengers from Ras Al Khaimah to the Sharjah International Airport. However, the shuttle service needs to be paid for, with a one-way trip costing Dh30. You must make the payment for the bus at the Air Arabia Sales Shop on Oman Road in Ras Al Khaimah, which is also the pick-up point. The drop-off point is the Sharjah International Airport.

Shuttle schedule for Ras Al Khaimah to Sharjah International Airport

Departing: 10am
Arriving: 11:30am

Departing: 6pm
Arriving: 7.30pm

Departing: 9pm
Arriving: 10.30pm

Shuttle schedule for Sharjah International Airport to Ras Al Khaimah

Departing: 8am
Arriving: 9.30am

Departing: 7.30pm
Arrival: 8.30pm

Departing: 11pm
Arrival: 12am


FlyDubai does not provide shuttle bus services for passengers from other Emirates. However, they do provide private airport transfer services for individuals and groups. The cost of the service will depend on the location from which you wish to be picked up or the location to which you wish to be dropped off at.

According to FlyDubai, these are the steps for booking a private van or taxi:

- Visit this link: and enter the following details:
- Enter your pick-up and drop-off location
- Next fill in the pickup and return date and time.
- Enter the number of passengers.
- Click on search, and FlyDubai will provide you with the available private transportation options:
- Enter passenger contact information, such as the email address, full name and mobile number
- Next, enter your flight number and click ‘go to checkout’
- Enter your credit/debit card details and make the payment to book your airport transfer.
- Print the receipt sent to via your registered email address and follow the instructions listed out on the email.