File photo from 2017 of a National Day celebration parade in Abu Dhabi. Parades and gatherings have been prohibited this year, according to Ministry of Interior. Image Credit: Pankaj Sharma/Gulf News

Dubai: With the upcoming National Day holidays, UAE’s authorities have been raising awareness on any public events, celebration or gatherings that residents may plan to celebrate the occasion.

On November 25, the Ministry of Interior announced the rules for car decorations during the National Day celebrations. The announcement was posted on the Ministry’s social media accounts.

According to the Ministry, parades and gatherings are proihibited and the rules for car decorations have been created to ensure people extend courtesy to others while expressing their joy on the UAE National Day, along with ensuring that traffic rules or COVID-19 related precautions are not flouted.

So, if you were planning to deck up your vehicle for December 2, these are the rules you need to follow:

• Traffic rules should be strictly observed.

• Do not cover the car’s rear glass with stickers or windshield cover or sunshade.

• Do not stand on the roof of the car or pose from its window.

• Refrain from performing car stunts.

• Do not disrupt traffic or block the road.

• Park only in designated spaces.

• Do not modify your car’s engine to produce noise, or make unauthorised additions to the engine structure or use any materials that may limit your vision.

• Drivers and passengers should not use any type of spray.

• Maximum capacity for each car is three persons only.

• Face masks are mandatory and social distancing should be observed at all times.

Know the COVID-19 precautions

Earlier this year, the UAE’s Public Prosecution had announced a list of fines for violations related to COVID-19 precautionary measures that have been implemented by the authorities.

Not wearing a medical face mask, fabric mask when visiting an indoor public place, shopping mall and in public transport.

Fine: Dh3,000

Exceeding the number of allowed passengers in a vehicle.

The number of passengers allowed per vehicle exceeds more than three people (vehicle driver and two passengers, except for members of the same family or up to second-degree relatives)

Fine: Dh3,000 to the driver of the vehicle

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Earlier today, Abu Dhabi Police, too, had warned residents that gatherings are strictly prohibited and reminded motorists that a Dh2,000 fine and 12 black points will be issued against those driving in a manner that poses a danger to others, or if they race on the roads, which will also result in the confiscation of the vehicle for 30 days.