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Dubai: If you struggle to find parking near your home or around your office in Abu Dhabi, subscribing to a multi-storey car park might be an easier and cheaper option. Seven multi-storey car parks, located in key areas around the Emirate, are usually available to motorists on an hourly or daily rate. However, on July 27, Abu Dhabi’s transport regulator, the Integrated Transport Centre (ITC), announced on Twitter that multi-storey car park subscribers are allowed to use any of the multi-storey facilities in the Emirate at no extra cost.

Here is how you can obtain a parking subscription permit from ITC.

How do I apply for the subscription permit?

You can apply for the permit online through, the official government service platform for Abu Dhabi, or visit the ITC Customer Happiness Centre at Abu Dhabi Municipality. If you wish to apply online, these are the steps to follow:

1. Visit tamm.abudhbai and click on the ‘Vehicles and Transportation’ category on the homepage.

2. Click on the parking section and select the third service - ‘Apply for Multi-Storey Parking.’

3. Once you click the start button, you will be asked to sign in with your UAE Pass account. Log into your UAE Pass account to continue the service.

4. Fill in the permit application, including the period of time for which you want to get the permit – three months, six months or one year.

5. If you are resident in the area, enter the number of one of the seven multi-storey parking lots closest to you.

6. If you are a resident, type in the number of your lease contract. If you work at an office building, choose the parking number of the multi-storey parking lot closest to you. Then enter the lease contract number of your company. If you are an employee at a company and want to use the multi-storey parking, you must upload a ‘No Objection Certificate’ letter from the company. Even though you have to state the lease contract number of your home or office, you can still access any multi-storey space.

7. Enter your vehicle details such as traffic code number (link), vehicle model and number plate.

8. Once ITC approves the application, you will pay the permit fee electronically via debit or credit card.

9. Once the amount is paid, you can download a digital version of the permit from the TAMM website. For the physical permit, you can visit an ITC customer centre to receive it. You can access the multi-storey cark parks through the digital version as well as the physical permit.

How much is the cost of the parking permit?

The cost of the parking permit is according to the duration you subscribe for:

• For three months: Dh1,369
• For six months: Dh2,738
• For one year: Dh5,475

After you pay for the permit, you can use any of the seven multi-storey parking spaces spread across Abu Dhabi, as per your requirement.

Locations of the multi-storey parking spaces

Here are the seven areas in Abu Dhabi that have multi-storey car parks:

1. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Street - Behind Liwa Center
2. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed The First Street - Behind The Department Of Finance
3. Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak Street - Behind Zakher Hotelbehind Liwa Center
4. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Street-Behind Bahrain Bank
5. Al Lulu Street - Behind Al-Ahlia Hospital
6. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed The First Street - Behind Mashreq Bank
7. Al Dana Area - Opposite To Emirates College Of Technology

How does the multi-storey parking permit work?

According to ITC, once a customer registers for a parking permit, they will receive a subscription card, which will be scanned at entry and exit points in all multi-storey car parks. The scanning system also reads the car’s number plate to identify the subscriber.

Can I use the multi-storey parking spaces without a permit?

Motorists who do not have a permit can still use these multi-storey car parks. However, they will be subjected to an hourly or daily fee. In addition, the parking fee might vary according to the multi-storey parking space operator. The parking charges are displayed at each parking building’s entrance.