The monorail connects all the key landmarks of Palm Jumeirah Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: While earlier you had to buy a separate ticket if you wanted to travel on The Palm Monorail, you can now use your Nol card to pay for the journey.

On October 25, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) confirmed that commuters can now use the Nol gold, silver or blue cards to pay for their journey on The Palm Monorail.

But what is the Palm Monorail and the RTA Nol card? Here is all you need to know.

The Palm Monorail

The Palm Monorail connects key landmarks of the Palm Jumeirah, with the line stretching for 5.5km. It is the only public transportation system on the Palm Jumeirah and connects key landmarks in The Palm.

The Palm Monorail stations

The Palm Monorail has five stations:

1. Nakheel Mall
2. Palm Gateway
3. Al Ittihad Park
4. Atlantis Aquaventure
5. The Pointe

The Palm Monorail timings

Palm Gateway Station

First train – 9am
Last train – 9.45pm

Atlantis Aquaventure station

First train – 9.15 am
Last train – 10pm.

The same timings apply for both weekdays and weekends.
The time gap between every departure is 15 minutes.

Ticket cost

A single trip ticket price starts from Dh10 and can go up to Dh20, and a round trip ticket price starts from Dh15 and can go up to Dh30.

If you have parked your car at a station, it is also important to note that while you will get three hours of free parking once you validate your ticket, you will have to pay a fee of Dh10/hour for any additional hour for which your car is parked.

Which Nol cards are accepted?

According to the RTA, commuters will be able to use the gold, silver or blue Nol cards to pay for their journey on The Palm Monorail.

Different types of Nol cards
RTA offers the following Nol card options to public transport users:

1. Nol Red ticket
The red ticket is a disposable paper card, which can be purchased for Dh2. This is perfect for one-off usage. However, it is important to note that on this ticket you can only choose one mode of transport at a time – either the bus, Metro, or tram.
It is valid for 90 days or 10 single trips.
You do not need to provide any documents to apply for a Red ticket.

2. Nol Silver card
For a one-time payment of Dh25 (with Dh19 that can be spent on services), the silver card is valid for five years. You do not need to provide any documents to apply for a silver card.
The Silver Nol card can be used for all public transport services by RTA, including water taxis and abras, and can also be used to pay for non-transport related services, like paying for parking or purchasing groceries at outlets that have partnered with RTA and accept Nol card payments. It can now be used to pay for The Palm Monorail, too.

3. Nol Gold card
The Gold card allows users the ability to access the Gold Class cabins on Dubai Metro and Dubai Tram. You can also use it now to pay for The Palm Monorail. To get the card, you need to pay Dh25 (with Dh19 that can be spent on services). It is also valid for five years and can be used on all transport services and other payments like the Nol Silver card.
You do not need to provide any documents to apply for the Gold card.

4. Nol Blue card
This is a personalised card, which requires activation and is linked to your Emirates ID. You need to provide your photograph and Emirates ID at the Metro ticket office and pay Dh70 (with Dh20 that can be spent on services). You can also apply for the card through the RTA website –
If you want to apply for concessions on public transport, because you are a person of determination or a senior citizen, you will need to apply for the Nol Blue card.

How can I get a Nol card?

Depending on which card you want to get, you can apply for the Nol card at any Metro ticket station, at a ticket vending machine or online on