Driving permit
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Dubai: Have you signed up for driving classes in the UAE but found that the road to becoming a licenced driver is taking longer than anticipated? If so, you may have to renew your learning permit in Dubai by visiting the driving centre where you have registered.

This is because learning permits that are issued to learners are active for three months, according to the call centre of Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). After the three months have passed, you would need to renew the permit again to continue taking classes. However, there are certain steps you would need to follow and payments you would need to make to complete the process.

How do I renew my driving learning permit in Dubai?

According to the RTA website – rta.ae, the process of renewing your learning permit cannot be completed online. Instead, you must visit the driving centre where you opened your traffic file, in person.

When you visit the centre, you must first submit your Emirates ID. Based on the details of your Emirates ID, the driving centre will then check your traffic file in the system to confirm the permit's expiry date.

You would then need to pay the renewal fee, which is Dh120. After you pay the fees, you will receive a text message on your registered phone number with a link to download the digital version of the permit.

RTA’s website also states that as per the federal traffic law, the permit will be cancelled again if the road tests are not taken within six months from the renewal date. If you find yourself in such a situation, you would need to once again apply for the permit renewal by following the same process listed above.


The cost for renewing a light motor vehicle is Dh100, and an additional knowledge fee of Dh20.
Total – Dh120.

Driving institutes in Dubai

If you are just about to start your journey of learning how to drive, Dubai has several driving centres that are licensed by RTA. To know exactly how you can apply for a driving licence, read our detailed guide here (LINK). Here is a list of all the driving centres licenced by RTA, as per the authority’s website:

• Al Ahli Driving Centre - Al Qouz Branch 4
• Belhasa Driving Centre - Al Wasl Branch
• Belhasa Driving Centre - Jebel Ali
• Belhasa Driving Centre - Nad Al Hammar
• Belhasa Driving Centre - Al Qouz 4
• Dubai Driving Centre - Jumairah
• Dubai Driving Centre - Al Qouz Industry 3
• Dubai Driving Centre - Al Qusais 1
• Dubai Driving Centre - Al Khail
• Belhasa Driving Centre - Al Qouz
• Dubai International Driving Centre (Drive Dubai) - Dubai Investment Park2
• Galadari Motor Driving Centre - Al Qusais 4
• Galadari Motor Driving Centre - Al Qouz 3
• Emirates Driving Institute - Al Qusais 1
• Emirates Driving Institute - Al Qouz 3
• Emirates Transport Driving Institute - Warsan 3
• Excellence Driving Centre - Al Qusais Industry-5
• Bin Yaber Driving Centre - Al Rowayyah
• Eco-Drive Driving Institute - Dubai Industrial City