blocked number plate
Driving when your number plate is blocked from view is an offence as per the Federal Traffic Law. Image Credit: Source: Instagram/adpolicehq

Dubai: Have you strapped a bicycle to your car, or are you hauling extra luggage attached to it? It is important to make sure that not only do you follow health and safety regulations for attaching excess items to your car, like installing a proper bicycle rack, but also keep the number plate in clear view at all times.

Abu Dhabi Police have reminded motorists that blocking their number plates from view in any way would lead to a fine of Dh400, as per Article 27 (b) of the Federal Traffic Law.

The law stipulates that anyone who acts in a way that leads to vehicle plate numbers being not clearly visible, like carrying bicycles or other items that may block the plate from view, would face a Dh400 fine.

Blocked number plate
Make sure nothing is blocking the number plate from view. Image Credit: Source: Instagram/adpolicehq

The police authority also said that it had issued fines for 5,177 motorists during the first half of this year for blocking their licence plate from view.

Apart from driving a vehicle where the number plate is blocked from view, even if a vehicle has only one number plate, the driver can face a fine of Dh400, according to the Federal Traffic Law. Light motor vehicles across the UAE are issued two number plates, which are placed above the front and back bumpers of the car.

Driving a vehicle without plates

Driving a vehicle without a number plate, on the other hand, can lead to strict penalties, including a fine of Dh3,000, 23 black points and the vehicle being impounded for 90 days.