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Dubai: Want to make sure that the doctor or medical practitioner you are visiting is licenced to practice in Dubai? There are three simple ways in which you can do so, according to Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

As part of its awareness campaign, the authority took to its social media channels to inform users on how they can confirm if the practitioner is licenced by DHA. Here are the details:

1. For medical professionals – check the DHA licence card of the healthcare professional

Any medical professional working in Dubai, whether a doctor, technician or nurse, needs to take a DHA exam, after which he or she is licenced to practice in the Emirate. As per the social media post by DHA, one of the ways in which you can check if a professional is licenced by DHA is to check their licence card.

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2. For health facilities – Ensure the facility has a DHA licence

All health facilities operating in Dubai, including free zones, are governed and licenced by DHA. This includes hospitals, clinics, medical centres and testing laboratories. You can easily spot a DHA licence at the reception or entrance of a health facility. Alternatively, you can also find the licence online, through the DHA website –

3. Website – Check the Dubai Medical Registry on the DHA website

DHA also provides an online registry of all the medical professionals and health facilities that have an active DHA licence. To access the service, simply visit -

You can look for a health professional by typing in their name in the search bar. The registry will then provide you with details of the professional’s licence, which category they have been licensed under (physician, dentist, nurse/midwife, etc.) and their work history in Dubai.

You can also use the registry to search for the details of health facilities like hospitals and clinics and the specialties they are licensed to offer.

DHA also allows patients to raise any issues they may have faced while receiving medical care in Dubai, through a special medical complaints portal –

To know more about how you can use the portal, and how medical complaints are addressed by DHA, read our detailed guide here: