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Dubai: From February 2022, workers in the UAE will be able to avail of different types of leaves, to cater to their personal needs and help strike a better work-life balance, following amendments to the UAE Labour Law that were announced earlier this week.

Federal Decree-Law No. 33 of 2021 on the Regulation of Labour Relations has various articles that cover details of the leaves employees are entitled to.

While Article 28 covers official holidays and how working during such holidays would be compensated for, Article 29 specifies the laws around annual leaves. Subsequent articles have also provided details on maternity and sick leaves that workers are entitled to. A separate article, however, provides details on ‘other leaves’ that workers are entitled to, including bereavement leave, paternal leave, study leave as well as a paid sabbatical, which Emirati employees can avail of.

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According to the law, a worker is entitled to three to five days of bereavement leave, in the event of the death of a family member. New mums and dads are also entitled to five working days off, in the first six months after their child is born.

If an employee is studying at an educational institute in the UAE, he or she may get 10 working days off per year, to sit for examinations. However, you can only avail of this leave after having completed two years of service with your employer.

A detailed look at what the article states:


1. A worker shall be entitled to paid leave in the following cases:

a. Five days bereavement leave for death of the spouse, and three days bereavement leave for death of a parent, child, sibling, grandchild or grandparent, commencing from the date of death.

b. Paternal leave for five working days for the worker (father or mother) who had a child, in order to take care of his child. Such leave shall be taken successively or otherwise during the period of six months following the date of birth of the child.

c. Any other leaves specified by the Cabinet.

2. A worker affiliated with, or attending educational institution in the UAE may be granted a study leave for 10 working days per year in order to sit examinations, provided that he has completed at least two years of service with his Employer.

3. An Emirati worker shall be entitled to paid sabbatical leave for national or reserve service, pursuant to the legislation in force in the UAE.

4. A proof shall be submitted from the concerned entities for leaves referred to in this Article.

5. The Executive Regulations shall determine the provisions on the grant and regulation of leaves referred to in this Article.