mushrif hiking trail
The almost 10-km long trail will be open to public from June 20, 2023. Image Credit: Screengrab/Twitter

Dubai: From June 20, adventure lovers in the UAE will have a new, free hiking trail in Dubai, that they can enjoy in Mushrif National Park.

The almost 10km-long (9.7km) mountain hiking trail can be used for free throughout the year, according to the announcement made by Dubai Municipality on June 11.

Here is what you can expect at the trail and the rules you should keep in mind.

2 tracks - for beginners and professionals

According to the announcement by Dubai Municipality, the trail will be multiple tracks suitable including for beginners and professionals. An 8.3km yellow recreational track will be available for visitors at the beginner’s level and a 1.4km orange sports track, suitable for skilled athletes with higher levels of fitness and endurance.

When does it start?

This trail will be open to the public starting from June 20.

Amenities along the trail

Administrative and supervisory employees are stationed at the track locations. Amenities include public restrooms, safety instructions and warning signage boards with directions. The trail consists of various sculptures, wooden stairways and bridges, slopes and rest areas, which provide a comprehensive view of the landscape and wildlife in Mushrif Park.

8 safety rules to follow

The municipality has also issued a variety of guidelines for visitors and hikers to follow while using the tracks in order to ensure their safety. These include:

1. Mountain hikers should ensure they are carrying sufficient drinking water and wearing proper clothing, footwear and safety tools for hiking.

2. Children between the ages of 12 and 15 are permitted to use the tracks, provided that they are accompanied by an adult.

3. Hikers should abide by the trail etiquettes and instructions mentioned on the boards.

4. Hikers should ensure that they keep the mountain bike trail in Mushrif Park safe for cyclists, making way for them before crossing.

5. Always walk in the direction of the trail, not the opposite.

6. Adhere to the designated track.

7. Choose the right track level as the orange track is designed to be suitable for skilled athletes with higher levels of fitness and endurance.

8. Cooking, smoking, camping, and staying overnight in the forest after the hiking is completed must be avoided.

Dubai Municipality has previously set up mountain bike tracks and a 50km professionals’ track in Mushrif National Park. The skills area has been divided into three tracks – green track for beginners, blue for intermediates, and red for professional mountain bikers.