Hanil Das

Westford University College (WUC) is a next-generation higher education institute. Learning and education at Westford have been continuously reimagined. Westford has been instrumental in transforming the lives of students and professionals to take up corporate challenges and opportunities.

After 13 years of training and providing learning solutions for UAE and Middle East companies, Westford is rebranding its corporate service division as Westford for Business. Through education and learning, Westford for Business aims to revitalise the workforce and promote business and individual growth.

Westford for Business offers corporate consulting, training, and workforce development services. We aim to transform your workforce into future leaders.

● Executive Education for Business Leaders: We create programs that addresses the company’s strategic needs and strengthen organisational talent. Using the latest academic concepts and research, we combine a results-driven approach. At Westford, learning is experiential, immersive, and engaging. An MBA can be earned by completing the Management Development Program (MDP), which consists of practical training and stackable credits that can lead to an MBA.

● Training for Business: Learning and development is one of the core areas of Westford for Business. To improve employee skills, knowledge, and behaviour for better business performance, we offer bespoke and off-the-shelf programmes that help companies create learning and development strategies, implement them, and evaluate their effectiveness.

● Consulting for Business: Westford positions itself as a provider of business consulting services to businesses to help companies improve business performance and accelerate business development. We offer consultants and trainers who specialise in addressing specific issues businesses face. A team of international consultants with expertise in the specific field assesses the business, identifies issues, and helps resolve them.

Hanil Das, Co-Founder and CEO, Westford University College talks about how Westford for Business plans on contributing to the UAE education sector.

How is Westford changing the landscape of executive education?

Westford has been in the education sector for over 13 years. Whether you are an individual or a corporation, we are leaders when it comes to academic and learning needs. A major factor that drives productivity and growth in the 4th industrial revolution is continuous lifelong learning. Based on this principle, Westford for Business provides the platform for upgrading one’s knowledge and skills.

We offer programmes that focus on professional development while maintaining a balance between work and family. Management Development Programs (MDP), Professional Development Programs (PDP) and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programs are designed to assist employees in upskilling and scaling up their careers.

With the corporate world evolving, we at Westford understand that employees who are committed to learning and who invest in upgrading themselves will be valued by the workforce. Individuals who continuously enhance their education can be perceived as more adaptable, agile, and effective leaders. In this regard, Westford provides the ideal platform for achieving professional milestones and excelling in the workplace.

How will Westford’s international partnership benefit the business houses in the Middle East and beyond?

Our strategic partnerships, understanding of evolving industry requirements and deep analysis of economic realities ensure that we offer a meaningful and diverse portfolio of management, arts, and technology-based programs. We have developed an integrated alliance with over 10 universities and educational bodies from the UK, Europe, the US, and other places.

Abertay University UK, University of Gloucestershire UK, UCAM Spain, Liverpool Business School UK, Cardiff Metropolitan University UK, and Chartered Management Institute UK are some of our strategic partners.

Westford for Business will bring the essence of these partnerships to retain and enhance the efficiency of the workforce. Corporates in the Middle East will be able to stay competitive by taking advantage of the programs offered by these partnerships. Westford for Business is committed to creating a community of learners and leaders. Therefore, Westford for Business offers corporates unique growth opportunities that will evolve with their needs.