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Whether it’s meditation or multivitamins, there are dozens of ways we can lead healthier lives, but perhaps the simplest method is to drink more and better quality water.

Actiph water was created after ultra-endurance athlete and founder Jamie Douglas-Hamilton rowed 7,000 kilometers from Australia to Africa, breaking two Guinness World Records in the process. He and his crew found that drinking up to 13 litres of purified water a day was flushing essential minerals out of their bodies, leading to hallucinations. One day would change everything.

Actiph Water2
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A member of the crew mixed his fresh water with seawater replacing essential minerals. The remarkable effect of this makeshift sports drink enabled the crew to go on to beat the world record by two weeks. It was this moment, that inspired Jamie to try to find a way of delivering this same balance and increased energy levels to everyone’s daily lives — producing the healthiest water around. This is where the Actiph journey began.

Ionised water has been used by the Japanese since the 1960s, known as ‘waterfall water’ and has recently exploded in US, where alkaline water is the fastest growing beverage category in the country. With continued growth in the UK, Europe, and the Middle East, Actiph is fast becoming the go-to water for professional athletes and busy working parents striving for a healthy, active lifestyle.

Actiph water is available to buy at Spinneys, Lulu Hypermarket, Choithrams, Kibsons and Noon.