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The company caters to a variety of dietary needs, including keto, vegetarian, gut health, low-calorie, and athletic plans

At Curry Fit, we identified an unmet need in the UAE’s meal plan market. The available options overlooked a crucial segment: those yearning for the rich, authentic spices and comforting flavours of Indian cuisine. Spearheaded by our founder, Vanessa Crasta, and driven by a dedicated team, we embarked on a mission to fill this gap. Our goal has always been clear: to offer more than just meals, but a taste of home, a reminder of the rich culinary heritage of India.

Affordability is a cornerstone of our service. Starting at just Dh45 per day, our meal plans are designed to fit different budgets, ensuring everyone can enjoy healthy, delicious Indian cuisine without breaking the bank.

We take pride in catering to a variety of dietary needs, including keto, vegetarian, gut health, low-calorie, and athletic plans. Each plan is crafted to ensure not just taste but also nutritional balance, meeting the diverse dietary requirements of our customers.

Portion control and nutritional accuracy are paramount at Curry Fit. Our team of expert nutritionists ensures that every meal is balanced and portioned to support our customers’ health and wellness goals, keeping them satisfied and on track.

“Our commitment to ingredient quality sets us apart,” says Allen Solomon, our Head of Operations. “We prepare our meals daily with fresh, locally-sourced produce and high-quality halal meat, ensuring every dish meets our strict standards.”

Variety is the spice of life, and at Curry Fit, it’s also the spice of our menu. We keep mealtime exciting with a weekly rotating menu, offering the flexibility to switch dishes according to preference. This approach ensures a fresh and diverse dining experience every day.

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We understand the importance of reliable meal delivery. That’s why we offer a free, punctual service with multiple delivery slots to suit your schedule, ensuring your meals always arrive fresh and ready to enjoy.

In an effort to be kind to our planet, we use biodegradable packaging and are committed to minimising kitchen waste. It’s our way of serving you responsibly.

Vanessa Crasta explains, “Our flexible subscription model, accessible through our user-friendly app, reflects our dedication to customer convenience and support. We are more than just a meal plan provider; we are a companion in our customers’ fitness journeys.”

Nutritional transparency is key in all our offerings. Every meal comes with comprehensive nutritional information, enabling our customers to make informed dietary choices aligned with their health objectives.

The success stories of our customers, like Rajiv’s impressive weight loss and marathon achievement or Georgy’s long-term commitment to our plan, are what drive us forward. They are the heart of the Curry Fit family.

Looking to the future, we’re excited to expand our offerings and reward our loyal customers through the Curry Fit loyalty programme. It’s our way of saying thank you and encouraging a continued journey towards better health.

Curry Fit is more than a meal plan provider. We are a community dedicated to promoting a healthier, more flavourful lifestyle. Join us on this exciting culinary journey.